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High quality fishing rods
Edge represents the highest quality available in the rod building business. We took all our knowledge on carbon- and resin behavior and combined this with the very best fittings. Then we added all our knowledge on rod designs, actions and real fishing experiences to create some of the finest rods ever seen.
It is almost needless to say that our Edge rods are all fitted with Fuji rings and reel seats. Still the fittings alone don’t necessarily give a rod that extra edge. That is why only Japanese high quality ´TORAY´ carbon fibers proved to meet the demands of our rod engineers.
Our line of luxury Edge rods are built to last and perform, so if you are looking for a rod to give you that extra edge, this is it…

Fuji – lighter and stronger
Over 40 years ago Fuji introduced the first ceramic rod guides. Since then they have always been one step ahead of their competitors in both design and quality of rod components like guides and reel seats. To enhance rod performance with modern braided lines Fuji’s latest development in guides will prevent tangles as they form and offer less friction. The Fuji reel seats are a benchmark of the industry offering comfort, superior strength, corrosion resistance and great design. This I why Edge rods features Fuji components.

The very best carbon manufacturer!
On our Edge rods and a lot of the other rods found in our large range of products we are using ´TORAY´ carbon. Toray is the leading Japanese manufacturer of high performance carbon. We have been using ´TORAY´ carbon for many years in several of our rods, but as ´TORAY´ continues being a benchmark of the industry and an even stronger brand to the consumers, we will start branding the fact that many of our rods are made with carbon from the very best manufacturer!
• Japanese based global manufacturer
• Manufactures fibers, textiles, plastics and chemicals
• Globally recognized for outstanding performance, quality and processing consistency

The top series Edge 3776 is named after the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. The top of the mountain is found 3776 meters above sea level and no other name would be more appropriate for a rod with the very best in Fuji guides and reel seat.

Edge 3776 Spin: FR20900 - FR20101

Edge 3776 Dropshot: FR22800

Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging: FR22066 - FR22067

Edge 3776 Jerkbait: FR22166 - FR22173

Edge 3776 Boat: FR21200 - FR21300 

Edge 3776 Jigging: FR68161 - FR68130

Edge 3776 Jigging-T: FR68151 - 68150 

Edge 3776 Popping: FR68170 - FR68180 

Edge Dynamic
The range of Edge Dynamic rods has a superb finish combining the classic look with the latest in design. The blanks – made from the finest ´TORAY´ carbon – are super sensitive and yet they have the backbone to handle any monster fish.

Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept
Bring these rods wherever you go. The Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept makes it easy to bring a quality fishing rod anywhere – and we really mean anywhere. These multi section rods are strong, reliable, sensitive and extremely packable. You don’t have to worry about airline restrictions, over packed cars or rod with transport lengths that are not suited for a rough mountain bike ride. Pack your Gipsy Concept rod down to a size easily fitted in a backpack and it will go where you go!


Edge Dynamic Spin: FR25800 - FR25100

Edge Dynamic Spin G.C.: FR25200 - FR25201

Edge Dynamic Light Spin G.C.: FR25202 - FR25203

Edge Dynamic ML Spin G.C.: FR25289

Edge Dynamic Powercast: FR27800 - FR27801

Edge Dynamic Powercast: FR27810 - FR27811

Edge Dynamic Powercast G.C.: FR27910 - FR27913

Edge Dynamic Powercast-T: FR27812 - FR27814

Edge Dynamic Boat: FR26120 - FR26300

Edge Dynamic Boat G.C.: FR26366  

Edge Dynamic Trolling: FR27910 - FR27913

The corner pillar of all fly-casting is to use the right tackle. Rod, reel and fly line has to work as a unity to optimize casting performance and make you enjoy every cast. Not only do we put our effort into excellent design, the best fitting and the best Japanese ´TORAY´ performance carbon. We also put an impressive and time consuming effort into creating rod tapers and actions with a smooth casting action as well as raw fighting power. The easy part of creating our Edge Dynamic Fly Combos was to combine these excellent rods with our choice of fly line from world leading RIO and a beautiful light-weight aluminum die cast fly reel with a smooth disc drag that will stop even the hardest fighting fish.

 Edge Dynamic Flycombo: FR29000 - FR29002 

 Edge Dynamic Fly DH: FR29136

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